Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two Happy Feet

There's nothing more exciting than participating in Birthdaypalooza. Tonight we got to go swimming with Duck and Turtle.

Then we watched Happy Feet Two and got to stay up all night. We're living young and wild and free.

One reason we stay up so late is because our mom stayed up all night before she brought Big Bro into this world. That day wasn't as much fun as today has been, but thanks to Mom's willingness to sacrifice for us, we can enjoy a better life. We smile on this special day to show thanks for the many times we've made Mom grimace; somehow she has kept loving us with all her heart. Thanks, Mom!

Monday, July 30, 2012


It's here! It's finally here! It's my Birthdaypalooza!

Webster defines "Birthdaypalooza" as a "festive celebration of life, love, and the joy of families." It is a time of reflection upon the great blessing it is to be welcomed into a family who keeps you safe in hazardous circumstances which you cannot successfully navigate alone. Wikipedia says that the first Birthdaypalooza started several years ago when my parents met and decided they would try to make birthdays special occasions spanning multiple days. After all, the birth of a Child affects our lives far longer than the span of a single day--sometimes our lives are directly impacted even though we are separated by what seems to be an eternity.

For example, here's my sister.

She may just be a little baby right now, but she's already taught me a lot. She's taught about sharing, loving, protecting, and helping others. She's also taught me about being and having a friend. I don't know what I would do without her. Today she taught me about pushing her in a random swing (pictured above) which we found attached to a tree near an apartment complex we were scoping out for my Aunt.

After scoping the joint, we got to go to one of my favorite places, Brick Oven. Here's the footage if you don't believe me.

I ate a TON of Angel Hair pasta. I LOVE PASTA!

I love these guys too. Their my team. Win or lose, we're all in this together. Here's to living the rest of the life we have together to the fullest. YOLO!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Radishes are the raddest!

We harvested our first plant! It was a radish! We're so excited because all our months of hard work and dedication are starting to pay off and we're able to see the vegetables of our labor.

PS Don't pay attention to my sister apparently about to harvest something in her nose.

If you want to grow your own garden, take a lesson from my master, Master Bok Choi.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Keilani's Baptism After-Party

My cousin got baptized today! How awesome!

Someday I hope to get baptized as well. But for now, I'm just happy to play in my cousin's backyard.

Here are some other photos we took of me and Big Bro.

It's been a fun summer!